Mindset Road Blocks That Are Hurting Your Maintenance Performance

Maintenance management is typically approached in a highly practical, rote manner. Tasks are assigned, a backlog of preventative repairs is created, and technicians perform the basics without any foresight into how their performance may affect the future of the facility. However, this strategy doesn’t engage the maintenance staff, nor does it help improve your bottom line. But, is there a way that could? 


Maintenance management is about more than getting the job done. It’s about creating a maintenance team that takes responsibility for their work and that goes above and beyond to ensure the proper functioning of the facility equipment. Below are some strategies to help you build this type of maintenance team, without adding time on the clock:


A culture of accountability

Maintenance departments are often on deck only when an issue or emergency occurs. This makes them either the heroes of the day when a repair can be done quickly and low cost, or the scapegoat when a repair is costly or results in extended downtime. This problem often stems from a lack of accountability, where the repair is “someone else’s” fault, instead of the joint responsibility of the maintenance department and upper management. By emphasizing quality work over cheap and fast repairs, you can create a more stable work environment and reduce unexpected repair time. 


An inclusive learning environment

Maintenance work takes a great deal of time and effort to master. Most technicians must complete technical school or apprenticeship training, and develop their skills over years of on-the-job training. Therefore, by encouraging a fault-free learning environment, you can keep good maintenance workers who will only get better with time. By punishing mistakes harshly and not providing adequate training, you instill a mindset where learning is forbidden, which hurts you in the long run. 


A prevention-first approach

A reactive or run-to-fail maintenance strategy may seem like the right mindset until a serious maintenance emergency is on your hands. Ractive repairs that result from a lack of preventative care, or could have easily been avoided are always more frustrating than the ones that result from true emergencies. By encouraging your maintenance team to put preventative work first, you can reduce downtime and create a healthier maintenance culture overall. 


MaintenX believes in fostering an inclusive, high-quality-, prevention-first maintenance workforce through our strategies and training throughout the U.S. If you’re looking for a preventative maintenance company that already has these qualities, give us a call today to learn what MaintenX can do for you!

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