Modern PPE Developments

Although there are many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), some PPE requires that its wearers be trained in proper use. Read on to learn more about the newest PPE developments.

History of PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is gear (clothing, helmets, goggles, etc.) that is worn to protect the wearer from injury. Before PPE was used in the modern workplace, it was often utilized by the world’s military forces.

PPE’s Most Powerful Trend: Smart Technology

Today, smart PPE technology allows workers to communicate with their PPE through a network of sensors which are placed around a company’s worksite.  These sensors divide a workspace into zones based on varying safety regulations and PPE requirements.

Smart PPE Benefits

Companies that prioritize safety and employee engagement priority will drive this powerful technology forward. The hazard elimination and risk-reduction that comes along with smart PPE helps make companies safer and more productive by providing tools like:

  • Real-Time Site Awareness
  • Instant safety reminders and notifications
  • Hazard Elimination
  • Safety Communication
  • Real-time team messaging (text, voice and/or video), safety alerts and can alert emergency staff when needed automatically

Personal Protective Equipment’s Real-World Applications

  • Facility and safety staff will know when employees enter unsafe areas like freezers, metalworking areas and chemical storage
  • Oil industry employees (Pump Operators, Wellhead Pumpers, etc.)  are automatically notified when they are working in an area with higher rates of accidents or injuries.
  • Safety reminders can be instantly sent to construction employees when they are in high-risk work zones. Workers are reminded to wear their protective gear at all times.

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