Most Expensive Places to Get an Office in the US

Knowing the rent prices in different cities can really inform your decision on where to start or move your business. Here are the most expensive places to rent office space in the US.

Honolulu, Hawaii

It might be a great place to vacation, but Honolulu is sadly one of the most expensive places for a business in the US. The state’s remoteness from the rest of the country creates high price tags for importing goods from the mainland.

Fairfield County, Connecticut

This one may sound strange to anyone not familiar with this small-town member of this list. But with major league companies like Xerox, Aetna, and countless hedge funds and other financial institutions calling Fairfield home, office rents have skyrocketed.

New York, New York

The Big Apple is a sprawling and bustling metropolis that attracts top talent in almost every sector imaginable from every corner of the world. But, as anyone who lives in NYC will tell you, all this opportunity comes with a steep price tag.

Most Expensive Office Space in the World

What is the most expensive city to rent office space in the entire world, you ask? Hong Kong tops the list, hands down. Hong Kong office rent prices have gone up by over 5% every year for over a decade. Limited availability coupled with the strong demand from Chinese companies is further potentiating these rising costs.

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