Office Perks Employees Actually Want

Happy employees are driven, reliable and productive. That’s why employee satisfaction is critical to a company’s success. But how do you keep your workers satisfied?

Below are some of the most requested employee perks and incentives.

Flexibility and the Virtual Office

You’ve probably heard of the work-from-home opportunity, but how about the ability to work from anywhere?  Companies across the country are now giving employees the option to choose the location most conducive to their work and work style. That’s why telecommuting and the possibility of flexible work hours are two of the most sought-after employee perks.

Parking and Transportation

If workers have a long commute, have to cross bridges, or slog through public transportation, offering to pay for part of the costs would go a long way to making going to work more appealing.

What Perks do YOUR Employees Want?

Want to know what your employees really want? Just ask them.

Survey your workers. Employee surveys can reveal the perks that are most in-demand at your business. It also gives you the chance to learn what your employees really think about their workplace.

Ask them face-to-face. If you can’t get together an employee survey, ask your workers what perks they really want during a one-on-one meeting or during your annual performance reviews.

Consider satisfying requests from top achievers in your company. If they’re already working hard for you, you want to keep them satisfied.

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