Should I Outsource Office Cleaning or Hire a Janitorial Staff?

It is an unavoidable reality that all business facilities must be cleaned. A clean building provides for a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for both employees and customers. Given that, managers must decide who should clean the business, an outside company or internal staff.

The size of both your workforce and office space influences who should be taking care of janitorial duties. Larger companies may have the personnel capacity to hire their own dedicated janitorial staff. Smaller ones might have to make do with sharing the maintenance duties among regular staff.

However, just because a large company has the resources to do this, doesn’t always make it the best option. Hiring full-time janitorial staff can be expensive; it may still be more cost-effective to hire a maintenance company. Consider how complicated your facility is to clean, and how often cleaning is required. For smaller businesses, however, it is almost always more cost-effective to contract in a cleaning crew a few times a week rather than hire a full-time employee or staff.

MaintenX’s technicians are is equipped and trained to not only be a janitorial staff for your business, but also assist in all other aspects of facility maintenance. To learn more about the services we offer, please contact us at any time.