Planning and Budgeting For A Water Intrusion Repair

Most maintenance or facility managers view water intrusion as part of reactive maintenance. Why plan for a maintenance issue that rarely occurs? This line of thinking is logical, but unfortunately, it leaves you unprepared for the very real possibility of major leaks and flooding. Below, we will look at the most common types of water intrusion and how to prepare for them in your maintenance plan.

Most Common Types of Water Intrusion

  • Roof leaks and condensation – Roofing is a common problem area for water intrusion. If your shingles and roofing infrastructure are not properly maintained, you can face leaks after a storm or condensation issues when it is humid.
  • Pipe leaks – Piping is another highly probably culprit to water intrusion. If your plumbing does not see regular maintenance, small leaks can turn into major water damages overnight. 
  • Flooding and storm surge – If you live on the waterfront or an area at risk of flooding and storm surge, you may face annual risks to catastrophic water damage. While you cannot prevent these events from happening, you can prepare for them in your financial plan. 

Prevention Steps

  • Clean roof drains and gutters regularly to prevent leaks and weakening of the structure
  • Maintain a waterproof sealant on roof flashings
  • Maintain watershed and drainage around the facility 
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for plumbing, and insulate piping
  • Look for signs of water damage near HVAC systems and other major equipment pieces
  • Protect the building during new construction by planning around the weather and protecting exposed surfaces

What To Do When You Have Water Intrusion at Your Facility

If water intrusion occurs, you must be financially prepared for the damages. In your annual maintenance budgeting, earmark some funds for emergency maintenance that will cover all types of water intrusion. Your emergency maintenance fund should be inclusive to any type of repairs that would cause more than a day of downtime. You should also talk to your maintenance provider about their emergency availability and pricing for off-hours service calls. 

MaintenX specializes in emergency maintenance for commercial facilities. We understand how important it is not only to prepare for emergencies, but to prevent them entirely if possible. To learn more about our preventative care service and emergency maintenance, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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