Planning Campus Repairs And Renovations Over Summer Break

For many schools, the summer break has started early. Students are either conducting classes online in order to stay safe, or have had their entire spring semester cut short due to health precautions surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. While this may seem like a time of chaos and uncertainty, there are many things you can do now to prepare your campus for the fall. 

Many grounds managers of schools and college campuses are planning major repairs and renovations over this extended summer break. The time you have now should be spent wisely, so that returning students can get right back to learning in the fall. If you have the opportunity to make some campus renovations, here is what we recommend: 

Install new roofing. 

Roofing is an essential element of any building. A sturdy roof protects occupants and provides insulation during either hot or cold months. However, roofing will deteriorate over time and needs to be replaced when visible signs of wear occur. Replacing your roofing now will help prevent leaks during the school year, which can be disruptive to activity on campus. Ask your local MaintenX roofer about the best roofing for long-term use. 

An updated heating and air conditioning system. 

Many schools don’t have the time to replace broken or poor performing HVAC systems until the summertime. During the school year, students and teachers may have to suffer through classes with poor circulation and temperature control. However, if you start shopping for energy-efficient upgrades now, you can have them installed before the 2021 school year begins. 

Revamp your electrical safety protocols. 

Safety is a top priority for all campuses big and small. While electrical issues are rare, they are a hazard on any campus and should be checked to ensure the safety of teachers and students. Electrical preventative maintenance from MaintenX helps keep your students safe at all times. 

These repairs will make your campus a safer and better place for students to learn after a very long hiatus. To learn more about where and how you can schedule affordable preventative repairs and installation services, contact MaintenX today!

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