Plumbing Repairs that are Preventable

Plumbing problems can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention a headache to handle. However, many of the most common plumbing issues can easily be prevented. Below is a list of the five most frequently occurring plumbing problems that arise, as well as tips to prevent them.

1. Sinks

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common issues when it comes to plumbing is sink blockages, especially in restaurant facilities. Drains can become clogged quite easily when waste and leftover food gets washed down the pipes. Add in grease, soap, and soda and you can quickly create a gunky mess that prevents water from flowing easily.


  • Place a trash can next to the sink for convenient trash disposal.
  • Install a screen or strainer to prevent waste from going down the drain.

2. Drains

Similarly, floor drains also can become clogged with debris and dirt quite easily. Trash, broken glass and even utensils are often washed down a floor drain when cleaning up a facility.


  • Floor drains need to have a basket or strainer put in place to catch any waste that might get swept into the drain.
  • Staff should be properly trained to clean up the facility, and the drain basket.

3. Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are most commonly caused by stuffing boxes and items under the sink for extra storage. These items oftentimes, unknowingly, push the pipework around and cause pipe or basket leaks. With the space utilized as storage, it also hides the leak, sometimes damaging boxes and goods.


  • Find another location to safely store items.
  • Hang a sign to prevent future storage in that location.

4. Toilets

Toilet problems account for a large number of work orders and service requests. The good thing for business owners, is there are a lot of solution for preventing these plumbing problems.


  • Install low-flush toilets to reduce water usage.
  • Use air dryers instead of paper towels in restrooms. This is more eco-friendly and prevents clogged toilets.
  • Provide waste boxes for each female restroom stall and provide signage to not dispose of feminine products down the toilet.
  • Change flappers every 18 months to prevent failure. This is only if the toilet does not have a flush valve.

5. Faucets

Small drips can still cost big dollars. Leaking faucets are a common problem that needs to be fixed right away, preventing your money from going straight down the drain.


  • Fix water leaks and dripping taps sooner rather than later.
  • Have a preventative maintenance plan in place to regularly check and replace washers. Dripping faucets are most commonly caused by an old washer that simply needs to be replaced.

Keeping your facility’s plumbing flowing smoothly is important. Preventing these plumbing problems can prevent you from throwing money down the toilet. For more help on solving plumbing problems, MaintenX is here. To learn more about our services, please call us at 855-751- 0075.