How to Prepare Your Facility for Storms

The best time to prepare for a severe storm is before it happens. By preparing for a disaster ahead of time, you will be able to minimize the damage your facility faces and get your business back up and running sooner. Here are a few ways to prepare your facility before a major storm hits.

Design a disaster plan

It is important to design a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan. This should include all departments of your company and outline procedures in the event of an emergency. Business continuity, crisis communication, and resource management should all be included in this plan. Not only should you talk through this plan with employees, you should also conduct a disaster drill. This will give your team familiarity and knowledge of potential problems, allowing them to mount a quick, efficient and appropriate response during a real emergency. This reduces the amount of time and thinking required when a crisis happens and increases the speed with which you get back in business.

Conduct preventative maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your facility during the stormy season is to schedule preventative maintenance on the facility systems and equipment. This regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure your building, and its contents are in top working order. Preventative maintenance can fix minor issues before they turn into major problems after. Although it’s important to partake in preventative maintenance year-round, it’s especially important before a storm hits.

Prepare the facility  

Finally, if there is cause for concern over a major storm in your area, take the necessary precautions and prep your building. Cover windows and doors with custom-cut plywood. This will prevent broken glass from strong winds and flying debris. Remove breakable objects from high shelves and place hooks on cabinets and drawers to prevent them from flying open. Be sure to have bookcases and display cases bolted to wall studs to prevent damage as well. To prevent flooding damage, place applicable furniture and machinery on wooden pallets.

With these helpful tips, your facility will be prepared for a major storm. With proper prep, you will be able to recover quickly from severe storms and return to your normal business operations quickly.