Preparing For Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we prepare for the major hurricane season from June until November. During these summer and fall months, our coastlines are at risk for major storms, and so are our clients. To keep them safe, we work closely with facility managers to prepare for every hurricane-related situation. 

The last major storm to hit the Florida coastlines was Hurricane Michael, which battered the Panhandle coastlines in October of 2018. During the Hurricane Michael disaster aftermath, our company went to the front lines to distribute emergency power and provide restorative maintenance services to several local businesses. We did our best to get the Panhandle back on its feet, but there is so much more we can do to prevent hurricane damage from wiping out small businesses. 

If you manage or operate a commercial facility on the coast, here’s what you need to do to protect your building from hurricane damage:

  • Board up windows – Securing wooden boards over your windows can help protect your facility from interior damage. Oftentimes, water damage occurs during a hurricane because windows are broken and rainwater gets inside. However, wood boards are an effective solution to preventing most damage. 
  • Place sandbags around the perimeter of your facility – This tip is most important if you are within an area that could be affected by storm surge. Sandbags will keep water from intruding with relative efficiency. However, bags must be stacked relatively high in order to protect from the worst storm surges. 
  • Remove important items from the facility – In the event of a roof collapse, you want the most valuable items within an office space or commercial building to be removed. This includes valuable inventory (if it can be stored at another location), personal items and electronics, or essential files. If possible, remove all that you can and store it at a secondary safe location. 
  • Allow employees several days to evacuate – Most hurricanes are spotted in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico a week or two in advance of landfall. If the storm reaches above category three or above, plan on evacuation and allow your employees plenty of time to make plans accordingly. 
  • Have a damage assessment plan in place for when you return – Hopefully, your building will not be affected by storm damage, but if it is, contact your MaintenX team early so they can begin the damage assessment process. After major hurricanes, damage repairs will take several months or even years for the entire community. You want to be the first on the phone so your business can be up and running as soon as possible. 

If your business is affected by the 2020 hurricane season, MaintenX has your back. We work hard to ensure your clients’ safety and facility function is a top priority. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our disaster response services, contact us here.

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