Preparing your Building for Snow and Ice

Keeping track of facility maintenance problems can be a real headache—especially if you have multiple buildings to maintain. That’s why having a solid maintenance plan for each season can be a lifeline for facility managers and business owners.

The safety and security of your occupants is certainly an important issue, but as facility management evolves, it is getting much easier to track and maintain the status of buildings year-round. Here are some tips to prepare your facility for the winter months:

Think Ahead

 As a facility manager, it’s vital to have an emergency plan in place and on paper and to train your employees on how to enact it. This should include preventive measures and procedures, as well as a list of critical shut-off locations for utilities, such as:

  • water
  • electrical mains
  • emergency generators
  • fire protection systems

Preventive Maintenance

 Ensure that your facility’s water heater and HVAC systems inspected and maintained on a regular basis. These systems must work especially hard during the winter and summer.

Clear Walkways

 Always keep walkways clear of snow and ice. You can use salt, chemical pellets, or sand. It’s always a smart idea to put out caution signs when needed.

Emergency Generators

 Check the fuel oil supply for your emergency generators in case of an outage. Also, make sure to maintain and inspect your generators on the schedule recommended by their manufacturer.

For more information on preparing your office building or facility for a snowstorm or winter weather, please contact MaintenX.