How To Protect Your Floors In The Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, but it is especially hard on your facility. Snow, dirt, and ice are tracked in, which can cause damage to your floors if you’re not careful. MaintenX sees an increase of maintenance calls for flooring in the spring due to winter damage, so we want to help you prevent these issues early. 


Below are four different tips you can follow to improve your floor maintenance in the winter and keep your facility clean: 


Reseal hardwood if needed. 

Hardwood is most susceptible to damage from ice and snow. It will absorb the moisture tracked in and either warp or crack over time. In order to protect your floors from this damage, we recommend resealing every few years to keep your hardwood looking new. If you haven’t resealed yourhardwood recently, ask your MaintenX flooring specialist if it’s time. 


Plan parking lot maintenance. 

You can do a lot for your flooring by keeping your facility’s parking lot ice and snow-free. Plowing or melting snow on a daily basis will prevent visitors from tracking in dirt and moisture from outside. Parking lot maintenance in the winter will also keep your facility as a whole safer. 


Add entrance mats or give them a deep clean. 

Proper entrance mats for your commercial facility are a great defense against snow, ice, and dirt coming into your facility. If you don’t have any that are long or wide enough to cover your entrances, shop for them now before the first snow falls. Or, if you have entrance mats but don’t see the best results, give them a deep clean to ensure all ice and snow are removed from shoes before guests enter the building. 


Use floor neutralizer to protect against ice melt.

You may use chemical agents or salt to melt snow in your parking lot, which is very convenient for exterior maintenance. However, if it gets brought inside on the shoes of visitors, it can cause damage to hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring. To combat this, use floor neutralizers to protect the flooring and remove any chemicals from the surface. 


Floor care is the foundation of a good interior maintenance plan. To learn more about your maintenance options for winter, contact your local MaintenX today!

Parking Lot Maintenance In The Winter

Parking lot maintenance is often an afterthought for facility managers, especially if they are managing a smaller facility and don’t see a lot of traffic. However, lot maintenance is essential for the safety of visitors and for guaranteeing a better customer experience. If you have an outdoor lot that isn’t protected from the elements like a parking garage would be, there are several steps you need to take to maintain it in the winter. 


Below are three ways you can improve your parking lot functionality and prevent driving accidents through preventative care: 


Fill in cracks and potholes now. 

Minor cracks and small potholes will grow bigger in the winter if you don’t address them. As water fills the holes, it will expand as it freezes. This will widen the crack and eventually lead to a major pothole. The best practice is to fill in the gaps during the fall in order to prevent cracking, but you can always do this on a sunny day in the winter as well. 


Repaint parking lot markings

De-icing chemicals used to thaw parking lots can cause the paint on your parking space markings to fade over time. This can make it difficult for visitors to see where they should park and identify handicap spots. In order to prevent this, be sure to repaint any faded markings in your parking lot before the temperatures drop. 


Maintain proper drainage in your lot

Pooling water will turn into ice by the next morning, which can be dangerous for pedestrians and cars driving on your lot. Be sure that you maintain your drainage system and remove debris that may be clogging it so that no such accident occurs. 


MaintenX helps commercial facility managers maintain all aspects of their property from curb to roof. If you need help maintaining your parking lot or repairing cracks in the surface, contact us to schedule preventative care services.

Tips for Preparing Your Electrical System for Winter

Winter is here, and it’s time to prepare your facility for the first snowfalls and freezing temperatures of the season. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we often don’t face too many electrical problems in the wintertime. However, our locations across the northern and central United States often face electrical outages and other issues in the wintertime. If you want your facility to be prepared, you should start scheduling preventative maintenance services soon. 


The Department of Energy estimates that facilities can decrease costs by 25-30%, reduce the chance of breakdowns by 70%, and decrease facility downtime by 35% by investing in preventative electrician maintenance. Over time, these cost savings add up to thousands of dollars saved through careful preventative care. If you want your facility to save, here’s what you need to do in the wintertime: 


Schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up on your entire electrical system.

Electricity is the backbone of any commercial facility, and therefore needs to be given proper attention when it comes to preventative care. With increased power outages this time of year, you want to make sure your system is functioning properly and won’t face any unexpected outages not coming from the grid. 


Check for electrical hazards.

Safety is of the utmost importance, not only for your employees but for your facility as a whole. Electrical fires are one of the most common workplace hazards in the U.S., and result from broken wires, excess moisture, and overloaded breakers. With your heater and electrical system working overtime, you want to look out for these dangers in the wintertime. 


Perform preventative care on your backup generator.

In the event of a snowstorm, you’ll want to have a properly working backup generator to keep your business open and safe for anyone onsite. This can also help you provide essential services, or solely stay in business during snow days. Backup generators are not often in use so it is recommended to perform preventative care on them once a year.


Schedule heater testing and maintenance if necessary.

Your heater hasn’t been in use since last spring, and likely will need cleaning and maintenance in order to perform well. A simple tune-up can help your heater run more efficiently and prevent potential fire hazards. 


MaintenX takes preventative care seriously, and we want to help you make your facility safer in the winter. If you would like to schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up with our electrical team, contact your local MaintenX today!

Stay Safe During the 2021 Hurricane Season

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we face an extremely rainy season every year. As the water heats up in the Gulf of Mexico, many tropical storms and hurricanes form that can batter our coastlines and hurt our local businesses. While rare, hurricanes can tear down trees, take the roofs off of commercial facilities, and leave them flooded or completely leveled in a matter of hours. 


At MaintenX we strive to help businesses across the coast prepare for this season before the first hurricane reaches the shores. Below are some of the most important actions you can take to prepare your commercial space for summer hurricanes and tropical storms: 


Purchase window boards and sandbags in advance. 

If a hurricane is projected to hit your area, it is wise to purchase window boards and sandbags a few days in advance. These will help protect your facility from wind and flood damage, but often sell out quickly as the storm advances. 


Schedule maintenance services for backup generators and UPS systems.

If your facility (such as a hospital or nursing home) will remain open during the storm, be sure to schedule routine maintenance on your backup generator this time of year. An issue with your backup power could prove disastrous, so give your generator or UPS system some additional care in the summertime. 


Prepare for increased sales volume the days before the storm. 

As people plan to evacuate or prepare for power outages, they will likely stock up on essentials. This can lead to increased foot traffic at your store, so it is recommended to create a plan in place for moving customers and restocking quickly. 


Restock first aid kits. 

If your facility will have anyone onsite during the storm, be prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit. Hurricanes can lead to the breaking of glass or tree collapses on buildings, so keep bandages and splits in your first aid kit if possible. 


Bring unsecured outdoor equipment inside. 

Hurricane-force winds can warp metal and move cars, which means that any loose equipment is a potential hazard for your facility. Move or secure trash cans, potted plants, and any outdoor products to a safe location before evacuating. 


Create a communications plan for evacuation. 

If your local area releases an evacuation notice, you need to have a communications plan in place for all of your staff. It is important that you are able to update them quickly and efficiently while they are at home waiting for news. You will want to communicate your evacuation plans in advance to prepare for potential loss of cell service. 


Call MaintenX ASAP for storm-related repairs. 

After a hurricane, our team is typically booked for months with storm-related repairs. We try our best to get to every customer based on priority, but depending on the severity of the storm, it may take days or weeks before a team can be dispatched to your facility. We suggest calling as soon as possible to schedule your repair services. 


MaintenX is here no matter what for your hurricane-related emergency repairs. To learn more about hurricane preparedness for commercial facilities, contact us today. 

Sustainable Winter Management Tips

As temperatures drop, it’s important to ensure that your property is fully-prepared for a cold, hard winter. Below are some helpful and sustainable winterization tips to keep your home or building warm this winter without breaking the bank.

Space Heaters

If you’re a property manager, space heater use by your tenants is a strong sign that your building’s HVAC systems are not working correctly. Schedule a professional service like MaintenX to inspect your system.

Insulation Inspection

Have the insulation—especially attic insulation—inspected regularly to ensure that heat doesn’t escape in the winter and invade interior spaces in the summer.

Ceiling Fan Direction

Reverse the direction on your ceiling fans twice a year (counterclockwise in the winter, clockwise in the summer). This will redirect the airflow and save on energy consumption.


  • Keep all air supply vents free from obstructions (furniture, rugs, clutter, etc.), ensure that the vents are clean and, if they are adjustable, angle air so that warm air is directed out, not up, and towards the most-used parts of the building
  • Close supply vents in unused rooms to keep warm air only where it is needed.
  • Clean or replace your furnace’s air filters regularly (Filter replacement schedules are variable depending on filter type, MERV rating, and frequency of use. Checking them once a month is a good way of creating an easy schedule).
  • If your heating system is older than fifteen years, it might be time for a new system.

For more information, contact the HVAC specialists at MaintenX today!

Should You Use Window Film in Your Building?

Window film is a fast, easy way to reduce utility costs while also reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Window Film

  • Increases comfort
  • Eliminates cold and hot spots in a given space
  • Comes in many different patterns and designs that can enhance or completely revamp the look of build exteriors and interiors
  • Fast return on investment
  • Local utility rebates are available in some areas

Conserve Energy, Save Money

Building owners and facility managers need to keep their heating and cooling costs as low as possible, and tenants and employees want to have a consistent temperature in their work or living spaces. Adding window film to a building’s exterior windows is an affordable solution which takes care of both these concerns. As an added benefit, window film also reduced the strain on existing HVAC systems, extending their operating lives and avoiding costly repairs and potential malfunctions.

Visual Appeal

One thing that’s increasing in popularity is the application of window film with decorative designs. Frosted or stained glass varieties of window film now exist, and the variety of patterns and styles is only growing. Those same patterned films can now be used not only for energy conservation, but also to keep glass in place when a window is shattered, lowering the threat of injury in the event of an accident or robbery attempt.

Window film provides a large range of benefits to both facility owners and occupants.

If you’d like to know more about window film and how it can help reduce your energy costs, contact the experts at MaintenX today!

Winterizing Tips

Keep your building warm, the elements out, and your energy bill low with these winterization tips.

Protect Pipes

If your building is in an area of the country with harsh winter temperatures, you’ll need to protect your pipes from bursting. Pipe insulation comes in many forms, but all will help protect your building water infrastructure. Make sure you insulate pipes that are most exposed to the elements first.

Ceiling Fan Direction

Many people don’t think of this, but if you have ceiling fans in your home or office, they can help save on the energy bill just as much as they do in the sweltering summer months with a single flip of a switch. Most ceiling fans come with a direction reversing switch. Make sure all fans move clockwise in the winter. This directs hot air that accumulates near the ceiling down towards the floor. Simply switch them back in the summer months to allow for cool air to circulate.

Keep Warm Air In

Place caulk around windows and use outlet protectors to prevent cold air from entering your home. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the attic is properly insulated.

Window Film

Window film is a cheap, efficient way to cut down on heat loss in your home or office. What’s more, it’s practically invisible. After winter ends, simply peel the film off.

If you’d like to know more about properly winterizing your home or office, call MaintenX today!

3 Ways Facilities Can Use Less Heat this Winter

Winter is here. Check out these tips to help make your building more energy-efficient this winter.

Get the Right Heater

In many cases, stationary air heaters turn out to be a perfect solution. They heat large areas by simply blowing warm air. Their advantage is that they provide heated air quickly and in large quantities, irrespective of the surrounding conditions. Moreover, their use of easily available fuel helps lower heating expenses. Carefully consider the size of your facility when looking for the right model – match its capacity to your space.

Maintain your HVAC System

Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the best ways to cut down on energy costs. A pre-winter check-up is a good idea for all HVACs, as you don’t want to lose function during the cold months when you need the system most. Making sure that your furnace’s filters and heating coils are regularly cleaned and/or replaced will help keep your HVAC system working at maximum efficiency and hold your electricity bill down.

Keep Outside Air Out and Inside Air In

Many buildings are bringing in more outside air than they need to, which makes their HVAC units work unnecessarily hard. Outside airflow rates should be reduced to a minimum for each space. Think about installing CO2 sensors in return air ductwork and maintaining interior CO2 levels.

Would you like to know more about how you can save on your energy costs this winter? Call MaintenX today!

Preparing Your Facility for Winter

It’s a simple fact that facilities that organize themselves proactively ahead of harsh winter weather do better than those that wait until the last minute. These tips can help you get your facility ready for the oncoming cold.

Be Prepared for Power Outages

Blizzards and ice storms often knock the power out for a few hours or more. If your facility is in an area prone to winter storms, it’s a smart idea to get prepared now.

Have a generator on hand and make sure it’s functional. In addition, if you are expecting the roads to your facility to be difficult to navigate in bad weather, keep things like salt and traffic cones handy so you can fix some issues yourself in an emergency if a service employee can’t reach you.

Examine the Exterior

Is the parking lot showing damage from summer flooding that might get worse with water freezing into the cracks? Have tree branches grown long enough that they’re over or under power lines?

Schedule needed services now, so you will have fewer things to worry about once winter arrives.

Hard Floor

Regardless of the flooring in your facility, it’s smart to build up the finish to create an extra protective coat on your floor. If you have vinyl composite tile floors, you should apply a minimum of five coats. Winter is very hard on floors, so take care to protect them.

Want to know more about how to prepare your facility for winter? Give MaintenX a call today!

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter is already on its way, bringing freezing rain and heavy snow onto lawns and streets across the country. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping the winter cold; the only thing you can do is prepare for it. And your roof needs your help to prepare for the beating it’s about to receive. Here are some tips:

Remove Snow

Snow on a rooftop can look beautiful and classically wintry. Unfortunately, it can also cause a lot of damage if it sits for too long.

Despite its fluffiness, snow is heavy! Also, if left on a roof, it can create ice dams in your gutters if it melts and then refreezes. This can lead to loosened shingles or worse.

Remove all ice and snow from your roof as quickly as possible.

Wind Damage

People often forget about wind when thinking about winter roof damage. If a snow storm comes through your area, wind can wreak a lot of havoc.

Inspect your roof for wind damage, and repair spots that have been compromised. Look for missing, broken, or damaged shingles, and take care of them immediately.

Hire a Professional Inspector

While there are some roof maintenance tasks you can handle yourself, it’s best to hire a professional roofer to tackle the major work.

By hiring licensed professionals, you’ll have peace of mind that everything is properly repaired.

Have questions about proper winter roof maintenance? Call MaintenX today!