Preparing Your Facility for Winter

It’s a simple fact that facilities that organize themselves proactively ahead of harsh winter weather do better than those that wait until the last minute. These tips can help you get your facility ready for the oncoming cold.

Be Prepared for Power Outages

Blizzards and ice storms often knock the power out for a few hours or more. If your facility is in an area prone to winter storms, it’s a smart idea to get prepared now.

Have a generator on hand and make sure it’s functional. In addition, if you are expecting the roads to your facility to be difficult to navigate in bad weather, keep things like salt and traffic cones handy so you can fix some issues yourself in an emergency if a service employee can’t reach you.

Examine the Exterior

Is the parking lot showing damage from summer flooding that might get worse with water freezing into the cracks? Have tree branches grown long enough that they’re over or under power lines?

Schedule needed services now, so you will have fewer things to worry about once winter arrives.

Hard Floor

Regardless of the flooring in your facility, it’s smart to build up the finish to create an extra protective coat on your floor. If you have vinyl composite tile floors, you should apply a minimum of five coats. Winter is very hard on floors, so take care to protect them.

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