Prepping Your Building To Sell

Commercial real estate is a tricky market to navigate. While financial projections are the primary consideration for buyers, aesthetic features and building maintenance can put one property over the edge in a highly competitive environment. MaintenX specializes in building repair and renovations and has had many experiences with facility inspections at the time of sale. If you want your building to jump off the page in its listing, follow these three maintenance steps: Schedule a maintenance inspection.  Before you begin showing your property, make sure you plan an inspection with your maintenance team to see what needs to be repaired or updated. Just like a home inspection, this can ensure you find any flaws before potential buyers do. If you currently have a renter, you may be able to have them cover the costs of repairs due to wear and tear. Update any necessary facility systems.  While appliances can easily be replaced from lease to lease, the bones of your facility need to be in good working order before you sell. Any system your tenant is not responsible for – including the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing systems – should be in tip-top shape before showing your building to prospective buyers or agents. Invest in curb appeal. The exterior of your building will make the first impression on buyers – both online and onsite. Before you take photos for your listings or bring agents onsite, invest in exterior maintenance and landscaping services to improve your facility’s appearance. If you are interested in doing minor renovations or improvements to your building before listing it for sale, contact your local MaintenX team today for information!

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