Preventative Maintenance for Ventilation Systems

Airflow is an important component of any facility’s infrastructure, and facility managers should prioritize proper ventilation maintenance. Preventative maintenance, regularly scheduled inspections and small fixes over time, is especially important when it comes to ventilation systems. They are on constantly, filter massive quantities of air, and require periodic replacement of filters, etc. If not tended to, HVAC can become inefficient and even hazardous.

A good maintenance plan will include checking for blocked filters, clogged condensation drains, and any damage to damper seals and actuators. Make sure you set a schedule and follow it! Preventative maintenance only works if it’s consistent.

Don’t just check for damage; cleaning parts such as heat exchange surfaces helps promote efficiency. Different systems have different requirements, but filters and other disposable parts must be switched out regularly; check the unit for recommended intervals.

Finally, it is a good idea to check control features to ensure that they are calibrated correctly. It’s a simple step, but one that is often overlooked.

MaintenX excels in helping businesses draw up preventive maintenance plans and execute them with speed and efficiency. Our self-performing technicians are always ready; contact us anytime to learn more about this and other services we offer.