Why Proper Ground Care is Important

Ground care is an integral part of a facility maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of proper ground care:


The grounds of a facility are the very first thing anyone sees and can make a huge impact on people’s opinion, whether they are staff, residents or future clients. Buildings with overgrown weeds, unkempt flower beds and hedges, and a dirty exterior, can create negative judgments. Your exterior grounds are part of the way you communicate your brand to the world, so treat them with pride and care.


Safety is another important aspect that proper ground care addresses. Tall, overgrown trees, may provide easier access into a building. Bushes or trees that jut into a sidewalk can cause trouble for people walking by. Keeping vegetation trimmed and tidy helps create a space that is more aesthetically pleasing and safe


If occupants are surrounded by a neat, clean environment, this often impacts positively on their attitude to the facility overall. Studies have shown looking at something natural and green can help boost employee productivity and attention span.

Ground Care Tips

  1. Plan Ahead – As the seasons change, so do ground care tasks. For example, drier seasons are a great time to paint exteriors, but planting new trees or shrubs is best done before the rainy season. Create a full plan for the year ahead that will address the needs of each season.
  2. Check Equipment Regularly – Have your ground care staff check and maintain equipment on a regular basis to ensure all is in working order for the months ahead.
  3. Create a Clear System – Ensure any work done is recorded and reviewed to ensure every area is given attention.
  4. Look into Your Plant Choice – You should try and choose plants that are native to the area, as this means they often need less attention and are easier to grow. This also assists in reducing costs.