Pros and Cons of Preventative vs. Corrective Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is too often overlooked. People tend to think of it as an unnecessary expense, but it’s not. An easy way to look at maintenance is to think in terms of offense and defense. Staying on the offense keeps you in the game and scoring, but always being on defense leaves other companies more likely to score, or in a business sense, make money.

Preventative maintenance can save money. You invest a little time and money into keeping your equipment running and it is less likely to break down. With less downtime and less costly repairs, the company saves money and resources. This plan of action can also extend the life of equipment. The only downside to this approach is higher operating costs. 

Corrective maintenance also has its advantages and disadvantages. When taking a corrective approach there is less planning, as you wait for something to go wrong before you decide on a course of action. Less upfront costs to worry about. This process is much less complicated to understand and manage since there is nothing to do but react when problems arise. Disadvantages to this approach include unpredictability and long downtime. Long-term, this approach can be costly because if small things break and aren’t fixed it can lead to larger and more costly repairs down the road. 

For whatever approach, MaintenX is here to help.