Reasons to Involve Occupants in Energy-Saving Programs

Good work merits a hearty pat on the back. Really good work often warrants a prize, preferably given in front of a large audience. No matter what prize you settle on, incentives and recognition are the best ways to motivate your facility’s occupants to achieve even greater energy savings for your facility and business or organization.

By providing incentives and recognition to your facility’s occupants, you will help sustain the push and general support for your program amongst your workforce.

Everyone likes free food!

Consider starting your incentive program with something like a pizza party, an ice cream social, a company-wide breakfast event, or any other food rewards you can think of. This will help you hit your program’s goals and make overall progress.

Cash and other prizes

Depending on the savings levels you’re looking for, you may also want to consider awarding cash or prizes to your facility’s occupants for great energy-saving ideas or individual energy-saving champs.

Some ENERGY STAR partners find success in their programs by tying energy savings to pay-for-performance strategies, cash bonuses, and other employee rewards.

Why not make it official?

Complement your facility’s ENERGY STAR recognition opportunities with internal support by recognizing the individuals or teams who made a difference. This recognition will mean more if it’s given formally, like at an awards ceremony or during an important meeting, or if it comes from your organization’s top management.

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