Reducing Waste in Your Facility

Whether they are office buildings, schools, stores, hotels, or restaurants, facilities generate a lot of waste. Here are some tools and resources to help facility managers, building owners, tenants and other stakeholders improve waste management in their buildings while also reducing costs.

Importance of Waste Reduction

By reducing waste, a business can:

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Meet demand for “green” products and environmentally savvy businesses
  • Avoid adding to the environmental burden caused by waste disposal


Facility managers can take steps to ensure the accomplishment of sustainability efforts by:

  • Using computer systems to help manage chemicals and waste while making suggestions on EPP. Managers can review the free electronic resources on the EPA Web site,
  • Establishing a sustainability program. The EPA has free calculators to help measure the likely environmental benefits of using greener cleaning supplies, chemicals, and of recycling. These also are available on the EPA’s website.
  • Promoting green initiatives with the use of labels and signs. Legal guidelines often mandate their use, but facility managers can consider signs and labels that encourage the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemicals. The signs and labels ensure regulatory compliance and demonstrate a commitment to green initiatives.

Facility managers need to show the value they bring to the business. Promoting green initiatives is one area where facility managers can fully display their positive effect on the organization by protecting people, reducing waste, and helping the bottom line.

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