Tips for Proper Grounds Care

Year-round, climate presents increasingly difficult challenges to facilities and their managers. Getting and keeping properties in immaculate condition is key for a company’s image, and can also be a health and safety benefit to a workforce. Below are some tips for proper grounds care.


Aeration, making tiny holes in the lawn of your facility’s grounds, allows water to soak in, stimulating root growth and improving fertilizer absorption. When you aerate a lawn, it soaks up more water, which prevents runoff. Aeration improves the effectiveness of irrigation and protects your grounds from dead plant build-up that can collect between the grass blades and the soil. This will keep your facility’s grounds looking great season after season, year after year.


For trees and shrubs, ensure you thoroughly soak every 2 days in hot weather and every 4 days in cool weather.

Hire a Groundskeeper

This won’t be a viable choice for every business, but depending on your facility’s size and needs it might be a great idea to hire a groundskeeping service to take care of these issues for you. Some things to consider before hiring a groundskeeper or service:

  • Make sure you’ve carefully vetted your service provider
  • Create an effective set of KPIs to track and measure quality
  • Communicate these KPIs to your service provider and conduct fixed review meetings to discuss and fix issues
  • Make sure that your KPIs directly relate to your business goals
  • Encourage innovation and the use of developing technologies to support strategic grounds care
  • Check for upcoming needs six months ahead of time, and prioritize tasks in order of importance and urgency

If you want to know more about proper grounds maintenance, contact MaintenX today!