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Facility Management encompasses numerous strategies to ensure the functionality of a building by integrating people, process, and technology. Professional Facility Management as a business function has the objective of coordinating facilities and the services offered or needed within a public and private organization. Facility Managers are busy people, and sometimes that gets in the way … Continue reading "What things are included in Facility Management?"

Facility Management encompasses methods and practices of building management and infrastructure management. It integrates people, places, processes, and various technologies to keep the physical side of a company running smoothly, allowing it to focus on its business. The Facility Management services market has entered a high maturity phase, owing to an increasing awareness with end-users, … Continue reading "What is the Scope of Growth in Facility Management Services?"

Facilities Management is becoming increasingly important, appreciated, and innovative than ever before. But what are the basics of Facility Management? A Facilities Manager has a range of responsibilities, which include: – Ensuring proper operations and efficiency – Safeguarding workers – Complying with codes and regulations – Saving the company money – Increasing productivity – Creating … Continue reading "What can we learn from Facilities Management?"

Take the initiative with equipment maintenance, especially boiler maintenance. Appropriate planning of routine repairs helps you to identify and fix potential problems before they even happen. When you are proactive about boiler maintenance, you will also find that it operates more safely and efficiently. Here are some tips: – Keep the boiler room free of … Continue reading "How Important is Boiler Cleaning and Repair/Service?"


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