Help Your Facility Grow Next Year With These 4 Maintenance Changes

2020 has been incredibly hard on most businesses across the U.S. Even those who were able to stay open, like fast food and grocery outlets, were faced with unprecedented circumstances in staffing, safety, and customer demand. This year, we are hoping for a brighter future and greater strength to handle these trying times. 


While it may be difficult to think about the improvement in a time when many are still financially struggling from COVID-19, it is possible to grow in 2021. Below are just a few ways in which you can invest in your facility and make it a great place to work next year: 


Invest in aesthetics. 

Is there a space in your facility that is in need of a renovation? You may have held off on aesthetic investments in 2020, but next year the way you present your business will be vital to your success. Customers and employees will want to step into a place that shows pride in their appearance. It shows that you were able to weather the storm and are leading 2021 with a strong forward motion. 


Upgrade essential appliances. 

This may be on your laundry list of tasks if you run a restaurant or other high-volume business during COVID-19. Certain systems such as refrigeration were likely to run at peak performance for long months, and with factories shut down globally, there is a long waiting list for major appliances for commercial facilities. If you are looking to replace essential equipment, it’s important to start shopping now so you’re first on the list when new high-demand products become available. 


Invest in energy. 

In addition to aesthetic renovations, it may be smart to start thinking about energy efficiency in 2021. Businesses who had invested in energy-efficient equipment and solar resources were able to reduce costs effectively during COVID-19 shutdowns. However, these businesses were few and far between. If you have been looking into energy-efficient alternatives for facility operations, now is the time to start. Look into your county or state’s incentive programs to help you finance some of the costs and get started soon. 


Find a reputable maintenance contractor.

MaintenX prides itself on helping our clients weather the many storms of their facility maintenance. From natural disasters to overcoming COVID-19, we’ve been there for our clients through thick and thin. If you don’t have a reliable maintenance contractor on-call for facility repairs and preventative services, call your local MaintenX team today. 


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