Preparing Next Year’s Maintenance Plan

As 2021 rolls around, you should be thinking about your maintenance plan and budget. As part of your overall strategy, maintenance planning is an important step in reducing next year’s costs and increasing facility performance from the bottom up. Upgrades, increased preventative maintenance, and new staffing needs should all be addressed in your 2021 maintenance guide. 


If 2020 has taught us anything, emergency planning is essential. Many businesses struggled to keep up with additional maintenance demands for sanitization and cleaning, while others were ill-prepared for maintaining a closed store during lockdown months. Take the lessons learned from this year and apply them to your emergency maintenance budget. 


The easiest way to create your 2021 plan is to break it down into your maintenance strategy, maintenance policies, and monthly checklists. 


Your maintenance strategy helps management to see the whole picture, including how preventative maintenance will reduce expenses and improve performance over time. You can then compare your strategy goals at the end of the year versus the results, and make adjustments accordingly. Strategy planning will also help you bolster your emergency maintenance plan. 


Maintenance policies are built from your maintenance strategy and include all of the protocols, systems, and responsibilities of your maintenance team. These policies outline the steps you need to take throughout the year, as well as the proper methods and expectations for your maintenance staffing. These policies will shape day-to-day activities but will also be the guiding force in your overall strategy. 


Finally, your monthly checklists will put your strategy and policies into action. These checklists should be planned out in advance to ensure you hit preventative maintenance targets for specific applications. For example, you may only need to pressure wash or have your HVAC system audited once or twice a year. However, if you add these to a checklist in advance, you’ll remember to stay on schedule and never miss an important step in your plan. 


This thorough, methodical approach to maintenance planning will put you in a better situation throughout the year. 2020 has changed the way many of us to business. It’s time to put those lessons to use and create a 2021 strategy that will yield long-term results. If you’re looking for the right staffing to put this maintenance plan into place, MaintenX is right for you. 


We offer both preventative and emergency maintenance services that put you back in control of your business. MaintenX is solution-oriented and puts time and effort into the overall maintenance of your facility. We work from the bottom up to prevent emergencies before they happen. To learn more about our preventative maintenance strategy and services, contact us. 

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