How To Prepare Your Commercial Facility For Seasonal Shopping

Is your retail outlet, restaurant, or local boutique getting ready for holiday sales? You’ve likely started your email marketing campaigns and rebranded your website for big sales, but is your storefront equally ready for the influx of consumers? If you haven’t given it much thought, here is what we at MaintenX recommend you do to prepare for the 2020 holiday shopping spree. 


Be prepared with COVID-19 precautions. 

People have been cooped up inside for months, and are ready to de-stress with holiday shopping in their favorite local outlets. However, this holiday season has the potential to spread COVID-19, which means your storefront must be additionally cautioned when planning for Black Friday and holiday shopping sales. Whatever safety protocols you enforce, be sure that you have adequate staffing to inform customers, keep them moving through the lines, and have proper security for policy enforcement if needed. 


Schedule preventative repairs before the big rush. 

If you have an HVAC issue that needs attention or a leaky faucet that’s been bothering staff, make sure you schedule the repair before your biggest sales. Your storefront will be running at its highest capacity and performance for up to two months. It needs to be a well-oiled machine before you tackle this immense sales rush. Call your MaintenX technicians for an audit at the minimum to make sure your facility is resistant to emergency repairs before December. 


Spruce up outdoor areas.

If you utilize an outdoor showroom, this should be on your checklist every season. However, many facility managers don’t think about their outdoor facilities as part of necessary maintenance for the holiday season. By cleaning up the parking lot, investing in lawn care, and maintaining hardscape elements such as pavers and woodwork, your storefront will be more inviting to consumers. And, a better overall shopping experience will translate to more holiday sales. 


This holiday season is your opportunity to close out 2020 strong. For more information on how you can better prepare your facility, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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