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Management Tips for Your Warehouse
Posted: November 29, 2017

Large businesses require large facilities, and managing them is a daunting task. Warehouse managers, in particular, have to deal with unique challenges. MaintenX recommends a few tips to make the job easier. Develop a strong organizational system. If your warehouse is not organized it will be much harder to sort and distribute inventory, and business … Continue reading "Management Tips for Your Warehouse"

Facility management is a tough job to handle alone. The larger the facility, the more people needed on the facilities team. Preventative maintenance is vital but repetitive; it doesn’t require intimate knowledge of a particular facility or adaptability. To keep labor costs for facilities management low, consider outsourcing it. Working with an outside preventative maintenance … Continue reading "What the Right Commercial Preventative Maintenance Team Can Do for You"

The safety of employees is something that all facility managers should strive to incorporate into their plans. A safe working environment means fewer injuries, happier workers, and fewer expensive workers’ compensation claims. While there are many things one can do to help prevent workplace injuries, preventative maintenance is one of the best. The concept behind … Continue reading "How Preventative Maintenance Prevents Workplace Injury"

Lighting Options that Save the Most Energy
Posted: November 29, 2017

Energy efficiency is a goal for many facility managers because using less energy means less money going into power bills. Lighting is an easy aspect to modify; it doesn’t require major infrastructure change or expensive equipment. Facility managers should be aware of what lighting options they have that can save the most energy. One of … Continue reading "Lighting Options that Save the Most Energy"


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