Preventing Poor Tenant Reviews of Your Facility

Online reviews are one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tools for businesses. They present the benefits of your services and facility in a straightforward, honest manner and require very little input on your part. However, managing online reviews is critical. If you don’t monitor them, you may receive less-than-stellar ratings and will suffer the consequences. 

When a customer or tenant leaves a review of your facility, you want it to read:

“This place was incredible! Great staff, great services, and the atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. I will definitely be back!”

What you don’t want to see is:

“This place was awful! The staff was disorganized and unhelpful, and the facility was run down. Do not go here!”

Unfortunately, the factors that influence reviews can be very small. You may think you’re running a tight ship, but customers will tell you what you can’t see. Take notice when a facility tenant leaves online feedback – these comments, especially when they are negative, provide you the exact information you need to improve your facility.

One of the biggest factors that cause negative online reviews is, surprisingly, facility maintenance. Most staff workers try to make customer interactions positive, but they can’t do so if a customer notices dirt, faulty equipment, or things like leaks and cracks. No amount of excellent customer service can fix the distaste customers will have for a lack of proper maintenance. It is up to you to invest in proper cleaning and maintenance of your building. 

Improper maintenance will lead to inconsistent temperature control, leaky faucets, plumbing backups, and a visually unappealing interior and exterior. All of these minor inconveniences can turn tenants off to living or working in your facility. However, if you put in the extra effort to make your facility run efficiently and look exceptional, you will be surprised at how easy it is to gain good online reviews. 

Talk to your local MaintenX team about preventative maintenance measures that can improve facility performance and appearance. This small step will transform your facility from three to five stars in no time. You can finally be proud of your facility and show customers the best of what you have to offer. Talk to us today to learn more.

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