How We Set 2020 Maintenance Goals With Our Clients

At MaintenX, we believe that maintenance service is more than repair. We are the nation’s trusted repairman for commercial facilities, however, we take it one step further by providing long-term solutions for operational success. MaintenX is dedicated to client success at each individual level, from budget reduction to facility efficiency, performance, and more.

It is with this mindset that we often sit down with clients to discuss their preventative maintenance goals. While not every client invests in preventative maintenance, we certainly encourage each of them to consider the benefits of preventative care and determine which services best serve their overall goals.  

As we embrace another New Year, there are several methods in which we help clients create maintenance goals and achieve them throughout the year: 

We conduct facility audits.

Facility auditing is a crucial step to preventative maintenance planning. Our contractors cannot know where to begin their preventative maintenance scheduling if they do not understand the needs of the facility, or the issues that arise throughout the year. Audits include estimating performance and life span of critical equipment, assessing areas at-risk for breakdowns, and determining which preventative maintenance measures have yielded the greatest ROI. From there we can better develop solutions customized to your facility needs and budget. 

We review 2019 services, work requests, and improved performance across multiple metrics.

In addition to auditing your facility, MaintenX audits our own work to determine areas in which we can improve to deliver better service in 2020. We analyze work order response times, frequency of repeat calls, and determine which preventative maintenance services led to the greatest outcomes, whether those be reduced downtime or increase in performance. We share these findings with you so that you can understand your own facility needs and trends better. 

We discuss areas of concern among facility and maintenance management.

A necessary component to improving performance is open communication. We don’t just look at the numbers — we listen to our clients’ stories, needs, and concerns to determine where our services exceed expectations and where they need to be improved. Your input is of the utmost importance to our maintenance staff. By opening a dialogue between maintenance and facility management teams, we hope to better serve you in 2020. 

At MaintenX, we strive to envision the shared goals for 2020, and develop a preventative maintenance strategy that addresses these key points. If reducing costs is your main concern, we will look for ways to eliminate downtime and reduce service hours while maintaining service integrity. If you are experiencing a deterioration of performance with critical equipment, we will look for solutions that address root causes. Ur technicians will listen to you and provide you with the information you need for a more productive 2020. 

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