How to Make a Great First Impression on Facility Tenants 

First impressions matter. Whether it’s the first impression a customer gets of your business, or the first impression you make on a new renter, they shape the way your facility is perceived, often for years. The outer appeal of a place of business is just as important as what goes on inside. It can make or break your client relationship before it even starts. 

Your first impression is often your only impression. Once your clients or tenants have seen the worst, they likely won’t be able to see anything else. People can forgive the occasional mishap if their belief is that you are typically in control of your facility. Therefore, you should always be on top of facility maintenance in order to put your best foot forward. 

Plan for effective maintenance on areas that matter most. Your overall preventative maintenance plan should include the following areas: 

Plumbing – Plumbing issues don’t happen very often, but when they do they are a major inconvenience. Avoid plumbing issues altogether by scheduling preventative maintenance checks at your facility. This will help you avoid shutdowns which can lead to a declining reputation among tenants and clients. 

HVAC – A facility that is too hot or too cold will immediately make a new tenant or visitor uncomfortable. However, many facility managers will neglect HVAC care in favor of cost savings. HVAC maintenance is about tenant comfort, so don’t skimp on the maintenance of this important piece of equipment. 

Roofing – Roofing that is poorly maintained will make a poor impression as soon as the new tenant or client arrives on the lot. If you don’t want your facility to look run down or vacant, invest in roofing maintenance. Or, step it up a notch by adding solar panels of energy-efficient roofing, which you can use to impress even more. 

Electrical – Electrical maintenance should be a no-brainer to facility managers. Electrical work has to be left to the professionals. It is therefore in your best interest to keep costly repairs to a minimum. Invest in electrical maintenance to keep costs down and your facility in tip-top shape. 

MaintenX offers comprehensive facility maintenance services for business in 13 states. We offer preventative and emergency care to help you make a great first impression, as well as assist when you’re in a crisis. MaintenX has one of America’s largest contractor networks, available 24/7 for your facility maintenance needs. 

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