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The party is about to begin! Whether it’s a grand opening, a launch party, or the annual employee holiday bash, your onsite event carries a lot of weight with the company. You want attendees to relax and have a truly enjoyable time. Their experience may even be the difference between them choosing you over a … Continue reading "Throwing An Onsite Event? Add These Maintenance Tasks To Your To-Do List"

There are endless ways to save money at your facility. From reducing water waste to replacing old equipment with energy-efficient options, you can effectively shave off hundreds of dollars on your power bill annually. One such easy fix is replacing your current lighting fixtures with LED bulbs.  LED bulbs save energy because they require only … Continue reading "How LEDs Impact More Than Energy Savings At Your Facility"

Most businesses don’t think much about their heating options until they decide to renovate or move into a new building. While this may not seem like a top priority decision, the heating system you choose can determine the comfort of your tenants and your potential cost savings during the winter. Most businesses use either a … Continue reading "The Benefits And Costs of Hybrid Heating Systems"

A facility expansion is exciting news. It means that your company is growing, and that you’re able to bring in even more revenue for future growth. While expansions are good news, they can also be tricky for facility managers to handle. You must consider all aspects of the transition and plan accordingly to keep your … Continue reading "How to Adjust Your Maintenance Plan After a Building Expansion"


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