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    Three Dangers of Electrical Wiring Damage
    Posted: September 12, 2022

    Electrical issues are an uncommon but serious issue for commercial facilities. Most office buildings and retail centers are built in newer buildings, so the electrical systems are in relatively new condition. However, older buildings can have wiring that is decades old, and prone to issues as it ages or becomes damaged through external factors.  If … Continue reading "Three Dangers of Electrical Wiring Damage"

    MaintenX specializes in roofing repair for commercial facilities, and one of the things we stress the most is perioding roofing inspections for all of our clients. While you may not think your roof needs much preventative care in order to stay strong, it’s important to catch issues early. Your roof is one of the most … Continue reading "Four Dangers of Roofing Damage At Your Facility"

    At MaintenX, we strive to provide the best preventative plumbing maintenance for all of our commercial clients. While not every business invests in preventative care, we emphasize its importance at every site visit to try and minimize reactive repairs. This is because one of the biggest issues we are called out for is water damage. … Continue reading "Three Dangers of Water Damage At Your Facility"

    Top Career Paths at MaintenX
    Posted: September 07, 2022

    MaintenX is one of the largest contractor networks in the country, and as such we have the honor of employing some of the best contractors in the nation. Our teams are hardworking, reliable, and most importantly work well with each other because of the level of freedom and trust we instill in our work culture. … Continue reading "Top Career Paths at MaintenX"


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