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In today’s modern business culture, training is seen as something that happens outside the workplace. Entry-level jobs now typically require training — either in vocational or collegiate education — prior to hiring, and little training is given afterward. While there are many positive reasons for this, there are several drawbacks that companies fail to address … Continue reading "How Much Is Improper Training Costing Your Facility? "

At MaintenX, our customers know that preventative maintenance is a top priority for our staff. We believe that proper care of equipment and systems provides the best solution for our clients as well as our technicians. However, unavoidable accidents and unexpected malfunctions will occur. So, the question remains, how do we keep the expense of … Continue reading "How To Reduce Reactive Maintenance Costs "

Annual objectives, action steps, SWOT analyses: business and facility managers are well-versed in these areas of strategic planning. The “big picture” ideas are the focus of strategy meetings, though often the details used to fill in the gaps are lacking. However, very few facility leaders consider the consequences of putting key tasks such as staffing … Continue reading "Adding Maintenance To Your Strategic Planning "

Most business managers still view maintenance work as a reactive service. The “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality is pervasive in business culture, and for good reason. Accruing expenses based on predicted problems take away financial resources from other strategies to fuel long-term growth. Maintenance simply upholds the status quo, and therefore logically … Continue reading "The Importance Of Planning Your Maintenance Schedule"

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