Self-performing Facility Contractors versus Brokers

When it comes to the repairs and maintenance of your business or facility, you’ll want a company who is the best fit for the job. The market presents you with two different choices to pick from — self-performing technicians or subcontracting brokers. Keep reading to find out more about each type of hire.

A company that self-performs completes a certain facility maintenance project, whether it be an air conditioning replacement, plumbing repair or preventative maintenance check-in, with their own team of highly trained technicians. Self-performing companies have control over the work order from start to finish and are able to set the pace of the project as well. These companies tend to operate as a one-stop-shop and can provide you with technicians for each entity of your project. Moreover, there is never a question of accountability, competence or skill, since technicians perform the work personally. Since the company’s own name is on the line, self-performing technicians tend to be highly invested with each job they receive.

General contracting companies uphold a different business model. These brokers build up a library or network of subcontractors to provide needed repairs. When a needed repair comes in, these companies find someone in their network to fix it, acting as administrators for the repair process. This subcontracting network can span throughout the entire U.S., but these repair companies continue to maintain their own separate business outside of this relationship. With a big construction project that will require several different kinds of repairs, such as construction, plumbing and electric, a subcontracting company will provide you with individual companies for each of your facility’s needs.

At MaintenX, we dispatch our own self-performing technicians to assist you with all of your facility maintenance needs. To learn more about the services that we offer or to seek help from any one of our skilled and experienced technicians, please call us at 855–751- 0075.