Should You Use Window Film in Your Building?

Window film is a fast, easy way to reduce utility costs while also reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Window Film

  • Increases comfort
  • Eliminates cold and hot spots in a given space
  • Comes in many different patterns and designs that can enhance or completely revamp the look of build exteriors and interiors
  • Fast return on investment
  • Local utility rebates are available in some areas

Conserve Energy, Save Money

Building owners and facility managers need to keep their heating and cooling costs as low as possible, and tenants and employees want to have a consistent temperature in their work or living spaces. Adding window film to a building’s exterior windows is an affordable solution which takes care of both these concerns. As an added benefit, window film also reduced the strain on existing HVAC systems, extending their operating lives and avoiding costly repairs and potential malfunctions.

Visual Appeal

One thing that’s increasing in popularity is the application of window film with decorative designs. Frosted or stained glass varieties of window film now exist, and the variety of patterns and styles is only growing. Those same patterned films can now be used not only for energy conservation, but also to keep glass in place when a window is shattered, lowering the threat of injury in the event of an accident or robbery attempt.

Window film provides a large range of benefits to both facility owners and occupants.

If you’d like to know more about window film and how it can help reduce your energy costs, contact the experts at MaintenX today!