Sounds That Could Mean Your Plumbing Needs Attention Now

It’s normal for your facility’s massive plumbing system to make noise from time to time. Your pipes are under a great deal of stress, especially in larger facilities, and you can expect the occasional gurgling or rushing noise from your bathrooms and commercial kitchen. However, sometimes the noises in your pipes are indicative of something serious going on below the surface. 


If you notice any of these four sounds coming from your pipes, it may be time to call a plumber. Be on the lookout, and let your MaintenX plumber know during your next check-up if any sounds start to arise out of the blue or more than once. 


Gurgling – blocked or sluggish sewage lines

Toilets will often gurgle right after flushing, but if you notice this noise before you flush, or if you hear it near a sink, it could mean your pipes are getting clogged. Luckily, this can easily be fixed with a snaking or hydro jet cleaning service. 


Dripping water – Internal pipe leak

Most people notice a dripping faucet and know it’s time to call a plumber. However, you may not always see the leak before it becomes problematic for your facility. If you hear a dripping noise but can’t locate the source, contact MaintenX for an onsite consultation. You may have a leaking pipe internally that’s causing water damage from within the walls. 


Banging or clanking near the hot water heater – Mineral deposit buildup

Hot water heaters occasionally make noise as they get older due to mineral deposit buildup moving around inside the tank. It may not be serious, but you should always contact your MaintenX plumber if you hear any loud noises coming from the hot water heater. You don’t want to neglect hot water heater care and have a major leak on your hands eventually. 


Hissing – leak outside the building 

If you hear a hissing noise coming from your pipes, it means that a leak is likely causing water to rush out of the system. Typically you would notice this leak, but if you can’t locate the source, check outside. You may be experiencing a leak outside the building that is wasting water by the minute. Even if you’re unsure of the cause, give MaintenX a call to ensure your pipes are in tip-top shape. 


MaintenX can help you solve any plumbing issue at your commercial facility. For more information or to schedule your next consultation, contact us. 

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