Spring Tips for Green Landscaping

Add these helpful landscaping tips to your spring project plans to improve the appearance and health of your property while also increasing the value of your home or facility.

Clean Up, Clean Up!

The very first thing you can do to spruce up your property is to prepare for any spring landscaping project by first simply cleaning up the lawn, flower beds and garden area. Pick up all the branches that may have fallen around your lawn during the winter or a recent storm, rake any leaves and pick up debris that may be on the lawn, weed and declutter the garden or flower beds, and don’t forget to clean up the area you are preparing to work with.

Plant and Feed

For all your plants and garden vegetables, make sure that the soil is in tip-top condition for early spring planting. We advise a proper soil test before you begin planting anything to make sure you know what nutrients the soil lacks. Once you know what your soil needs, go to your local nursery and have a professional advise you on what to add to prime your lawn and garden for spring and summer success.

Weed the Garden

If you would like to use a natural non-selective weed control, then try using a vinegar or citrus oil-based product. Be very careful not to spray any desirable plants though.

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