Steps to Take Before Recycling to Reduce Waste in Your Facility

Environmental contamination can lead to costly fines from your waste company. And even worse, it can result in your recycling going straight to the landfill.

Below are some simple steps to get people using your recycling program:

Give people the details.

It’s vital that everyone inside your facility knows what can and what can’t be recycled. We suggest that you hold regular refresher meetings to update employees on any changes to your recycling program. This will help you ensure that everyone knows what is recyclable.

Use images, not text.

People only have a few seconds to spare as they approach a recycling bin to decide on where they will toss their waste. That’s why they’ll need images help them quickly identify the right container to put their waste in.

Use consistent colors.

A consistent color system can help people learn what’s recyclable and what isn’t. Right now there aren’t standardized colors for recycling, although many cities have adopted an informal color scheme.

Motivate facility occupants with easy-to-understand goals.

A little healthy competition is a great way to motivate people to reach their goals. Posting regular diversion rate updates will help people keep the recycling program top of mind.

Use compostable food service materials.

Using compostable plates and flatware can go a long way toward helping your facility divert a substantial amount of waste from landfills. This is because this process makes it easier for people to know how to do the right thing. For special events, facility occupants can just toss their leftover plates and food all in the same bin.

To learn more about getting people motivated to recycle call MaintenX today!