Striking the Balance of Preventative vs Reactive Maintenance

At MaintenX, we encourage all of our clients to make preventative maintenance a priority. This type of maintenance schedule helps to extend the service life of certain equipment and reduce your maintenance costs over time. However, reactive maintenance also plays an important role in the maintenance and cost-reduction of services at your facility. 


Preventative vs Reactive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is loosely defined as any maintenance task that you perform to reduce the chance of a future failure. This includes equipment adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, and scheduled repairs to maintain optimal performance and efficiency for each system within your facility. 


Reactive maintenance, on the other hand, is the maintenance that must be performed once the piece of equipment has failed. Also called run-to-fail maintenance, this strategy reduces the short-term costs of certain maintenance procedures and eliminates unnecessary maintenance services from your backlog. 


Examples of The Different Maintenance Types

Preventative maintenance is important for pieces of equipment that must run at all times, like your electrical system of HVAC equipment. Some examples include cleaning out the air ducts and filters for optimal airflow and replacing worn parts as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent issues with performance. 


Reactive maintenance is used for non-essential parts and equipment that can be replaced as they fail. Lightbulbs, roof shingles, and minor parts can all be replaced or repaired as they are damaged instead of replacing them early. When done correctly, this can help cust maintenance costs and help your maintenance team run more effectively. 


Which Is Best for My Facility? 

Reactive and preventative maintenance should, ideally, be used in tandem to address different issues at your facility. You may not always need to implement a preventative maintenance plan for each system within your facility, especially if that system is brand new and functioning seamlessly. Your maintenance plan should take into account all maintenance strategies and the unique operations of your facility. This is the approach MaintenX uses in order to maximize your assets and create efficiency throughout your building. 


Call MaintenX for Help!

MaintenX can help you build a comprehensive maintenance plan that uses both reactive and preventative maintenance for your unique needs and concerns. To learn more about our preventative and emergency maintenance services, contact your local team today!

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