Stay Safe During the 2021 Hurricane Season

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we face an extremely rainy season every year. As the water heats up in the Gulf of Mexico, many tropical storms and hurricanes form that can batter our coastlines and hurt our local businesses. While rare, hurricanes can tear down trees, take the roofs off of commercial facilities, and leave them flooded or completely leveled in a matter of hours. 


At MaintenX we strive to help businesses across the coast prepare for this season before the first hurricane reaches the shores. Below are some of the most important actions you can take to prepare your commercial space for summer hurricanes and tropical storms: 


Purchase window boards and sandbags in advance. 

If a hurricane is projected to hit your area, it is wise to purchase window boards and sandbags a few days in advance. These will help protect your facility from wind and flood damage, but often sell out quickly as the storm advances. 


Schedule maintenance services for backup generators and UPS systems.

If your facility (such as a hospital or nursing home) will remain open during the storm, be sure to schedule routine maintenance on your backup generator this time of year. An issue with your backup power could prove disastrous, so give your generator or UPS system some additional care in the summertime. 


Prepare for increased sales volume the days before the storm. 

As people plan to evacuate or prepare for power outages, they will likely stock up on essentials. This can lead to increased foot traffic at your store, so it is recommended to create a plan in place for moving customers and restocking quickly. 


Restock first aid kits. 

If your facility will have anyone onsite during the storm, be prepared with a fully stocked first aid kit. Hurricanes can lead to the breaking of glass or tree collapses on buildings, so keep bandages and splits in your first aid kit if possible. 


Bring unsecured outdoor equipment inside. 

Hurricane-force winds can warp metal and move cars, which means that any loose equipment is a potential hazard for your facility. Move or secure trash cans, potted plants, and any outdoor products to a safe location before evacuating. 


Create a communications plan for evacuation. 

If your local area releases an evacuation notice, you need to have a communications plan in place for all of your staff. It is important that you are able to update them quickly and efficiently while they are at home waiting for news. You will want to communicate your evacuation plans in advance to prepare for potential loss of cell service. 


Call MaintenX ASAP for storm-related repairs. 

After a hurricane, our team is typically booked for months with storm-related repairs. We try our best to get to every customer based on priority, but depending on the severity of the storm, it may take days or weeks before a team can be dispatched to your facility. We suggest calling as soon as possible to schedule your repair services. 


MaintenX is here no matter what for your hurricane-related emergency repairs. To learn more about hurricane preparedness for commercial facilities, contact us today. 

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