Successful Recycling: Achieving Sustainability Goals

Recycling in your facility doesn’t have to be a nightmare to implement. Follow these simple steps to ensure the success of your recycling program.

How Much Waste are you Creating?

Determine how much waste your facility produces to establish a baseline. Goals and action plans can then be developed using this information.

Tracking and Reporting

Determine a tracking and reporting tool that can be used to measure your program’s progress.

Gather Information

Identify a recycling vendor and develop pickup plans. It’s also a good idea to have good communication between your facility and the recycling vendor.

Do a Walkthrough

Carry out a facility walkthrough. Inspect waste disposal practices and procedures. During a walkthrough, you’ll want to:

  • Figure out the best recycle container placement
  • Document the removal of unneeded containers
  • Train workers concerning the new recycling program

Contact Information

Define facility contacts, like department managers who can help you with staff training, communication, and program engagement.

Culture is Key

Culture is the biggest factor in a successful recycling program. Management engagement helps get everyone else in the organization on board. If the leaders aren’t knowledgeable about the program, it won’t be a success.

It also helps to include peers from different departments when designing the recycling program. Custodial staff input is particularly valued, as they are the ones on the front lines of your program and will be the people implementing it the most.

With education, information, proper planning, and engagement, your recycling program is destined for success!