Summer Landscaping Tips

As we spend more time outdoors during the summer months than any other time, follow these simple tips for a healthy yard your neighbors will envy.

Plan for the Long-term

Landscaping your home requires thinking in terms of years—even decades—not just a few weeks. Start by breaking down your project into small, manageable steps. You don’t have to totally renovate your yard all at once. A few small projects over a season can slowly transform the landscaping of your home.

Follow the Shadows

Plants can be finicky, and you want to make sure they get just the right amount of sun and shade. Look at where sun rises and sets on your property when planning out landscaping. Find out which areas get the most sun, as well as the areas covered in shade for most of the day. That way, you can plant sun-loving plants and shade-loving plants in the places where they’ll thrive.


Trees can add significantly to the beauty of your landscape, and September is a great time to plant a sapling. Trees aren’t just easy on the eyes, they can also be beneficial for your property, absorbing unwelcome noises and bringing shade to windows and walls, reducing air conditioning costs in the summer. These benefits carry on into the winter by reducing heating costs by blocking cold winds from buildings.

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