The Value of Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance is a process of managing and maintaining the facilities of a business or other organization. ‘Facilities’ can include things like a building, physical resources at the site, and any mechanical or electrical utilities that need maintenance to ensure the health and happiness of the people who work within the organization.

Facility maintenance should be a big part of your organization’s structure and planning for the future, but it’s frequently a low priority for many firms. Why is facility maintenance so important? Let’s explore.

Smooth Sailing

Facilities maintenance teams exist to make sure all the facilities in an organization:

  • are compliant with health and safety codes and regulations
  • are accessible by those with disabilities
  • are equipped with fire prevention methods and emergency exit plans
  • have effective waste disposal and control of hazardous substances
  • have ample and well-maintained parking space.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular mechanical and electrical repairs along with property maintenance are also part of the services a well-staffed facilities team can provide. If an organization wishes to keep its competitive advantage and its employees working at peak performance, it must first have a maintenance team, and second, involve them in its decision making process.

Benefits of Facility Maintenance:

  • Creates cost-effective working processes
  • Streamlines working processes by using IT systems and applications
  • Facilitates management of buildings, people, and assets
  • Increases the overall efficiency of an organization
  • Maintains compliance with local, state, and federal health and safety codes

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