What Do Sustainable Buildings Look Like?

The sustainability movement is gaining ground in the field of facility management. “Green buildings” are under construction all over, but what exactly makes them “green”? A sustainable building is one that adheres to environmentally friendly principles throughout the building’s entire life-cycle, through construction, operation, and ultimately demolition. These buildings have numerous benefits for businesses that go far beyond eco-friendliness.

A green building starts with a plan. The design of the building is tailored to take advantage of its environment, whether that means an orientation that admits natural light or installing solar panels on the roof. After it’s been built, it’s equipped with appliances that are designed to conserve resources, like low-flow toilets and efficient HVAC. There are many such products on the market, and though they might be more expensive to purchase, they pay for themselves in energy savings.

But the benefits go beyond that. Workers in buildings suffused with natural light are more productive, report higher job satisfaction, and take fewer sick days. Using native plants in landscaping eliminates the need for irrigation while integrating your facility into its environment. For more excellent examples of sustainable buildings, check out the LEED Platinum certification.

If your building wasn’t constructed in a sustainable manner, don’t despair; there’s a lot you can do to improve it by retrofitting and reequipping. To learn about how MaintenX can help your business or commercial facility become and remain sustainable, please contact us today!