The Basics of HVAC Systems Every Facility Manager Needs to Know

Managing HVAC equipment for a facility can be stressful. Facility managers are often faced with problems from aging systems to surprise maintenance issues. Read these tips to ensure your facility’s HVAC equipment can perform for many years to come.

Asset Management Assessment

Unintended repairs and their attendant costs can cause many financial problems for a facility. That’s why you should take advantage of an asset management assessment. Asset management assessments consist of a thorough evaluation of your facility’s equipment, such as:

  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Pumps
  • Air handling units
  • Various system controls

Once the assessment is done, the service company will provide you with a report detailing repair needs, maintenance fluctuations, and replacement requirements.

Yearly Maintenance is Very Important for Facility Managers

Prolong the life of your facility’s most important equipment while cutting costs by taking advantage of a maintenance plan that’s personally tailored to your facility. Applying a practical method will make sure your facility’s HVAC systems keep running smoothly and effectively. Getting a good maintenance agreement can help make sure your facility is fully and legally covered in the case of an unexpected HVAC emergency.

Technician Training is Important for Facility Managers

Making sure your technicians have appropriate and thorough training is vital to the life and performance of your facility’s HVAC system. 

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