The Bright Future for HVAC Professionals

High school graduates have not had an easy time over the past year. With COVID-19 taking away their graduations and much of the experience of their first year of college, it may not be clear to some what their next steps should be. Some are hesitating to go to college amidst the pandemic, which is causing them to look at other alternatives to a traditional college education. 


At MaintenX, we believe there is more than one way to find success in one’s career. We highly encourage young students to look into technical fields as well as college education. While trade schools have lost popularity in recent years, there are many benefits to a trade school education for students of all kinds. The cost savings, job opportunities, and on-the-job training are just a few reasons why we believe that young HVAC technicians have a very bright future ahead. 


There is no doubt that a college degree will serve any college student who desires one. However, it is not the only option for bright young professionals who want ambitious careers. Many students are weighing their options more carefully since the cost of education has steadily increased and student loans are getting many into financial trouble. 


On average, an HVAC technician earns around $49,000 per year in the United States. The average income for someone with a bachelor’s degree is slightly higher, at around $60,000. However, the price to pay for bigger earnings is worth considering: 


  • The average cost for vocational education in the U.S. is $33,000
  • The average cost for a Bachelor’s degree is $127,000


While these numbers take into account all types of vocational training and all types of degrees from both private and public schools, it is not uncommon for a college education to cost two to four times as much as a vocational school. With an expected income increase of only $10,000 to 15,000, it’s no wonder why students are looking to trade schools for affordable educational opportunities. 


HVAC technician and installer jobs are expected to grow in the upcoming years, offering less competition in the job market than oversaturated fields that require Bachelor’s degrees. In addition, HVAC professionals enjoy many job benefits that those who work in an office or desk jobs do not enjoy: 

  • An active lifestyle
  • Job security – HVAC technical work can rarely be outsourced
  • Variety of opportunity – You can start as a technician and develop into an HVAC engineer, small business owner, or specialist in solar or another alternative energy. 
  • Growth opportunities are available for those who study modern HVAC technologies


If you are interested in starting or expanding your HVAC technician career, contact MaintenX or visit our job opportunities page. We are happy to help you gain a footing in the field of commercial maintenance and ensure your career flourishes!

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