Six Ways To Improve Office Lighting

The modern world of technology has made it possible for humans to be active 24/7. We work all hours of the day and in all types of conditions, but we don’t always think about how this affects our body or productivity. It’s no secret that lighting, both natural and artificial, affects our circadian rhythm, mood, activity, and much more. Therefore, your office lighting can and should be optimized for the health of your staff. 


Lighting is also a major source of energy consumption in most buildings. It accounts for an average of 17% of total energy consumption in U.S. buildings. When you optimize your lighting, you can reduce energy costs while providing your employees with a better working environment. Below are six ways you can optimize your office lighting with minimal investment: 


Install CFL, LED, or another energy-efficient lighting.

Installing energy-efficient lightbulbs is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption in your facility. The larger the building, the more profound an impact this can have. Ask your MaintenX electrician about available energy-efficient lighting for different areas in your office space. They can help you make the best decision for cost savings and productivity.


Change flickering fluorescent lighting.

Flickering fluorescent lights can cause epileptic seizures which may put your entire staff in danger. Be sure to change flickering fluorescent bulbs immediately or any other flickering lights. 


Make use of windows. 

Natural light is also a natural mood elevator. By maintaining windows (especially those that can block UV rays and keep your facility cooler), you can offer your employees a more comfortable daytime experience. 


Consider the brightness and color of lighting for different times of the day. 

Our sleep cycles are greatly affected by lighting. Generally, intense blue light can cause sleep problems, so it’s important to balance this artificial light with warmer lights and natural light whenever possible. Consider warmer lighting for nighttime, as this can reduce eye strain and help your employees be more comfortable.


Ask your employees about their individual needs.

Different employees will prefer different lighting for their workspaces. Those who are older or who have vision problems may require more light than others. By installing a mix of overhead lights, movable direct lighting, and natural light sources, you can optimize different areas of the office for different productivity needs.


Install motion-sensor lighting. 

Motion-sensored lighting can also help you reduce your facility’s energy consumption. When lights are left on overnight they can burn an incredible amount of energy. Motion-sensored lighting takes the responsibility out of employees’ hands and makes cost-saving automatic. 


MaintenX is here to help you reduce energy costs and improve your facility performance through effective facility maintenance. To learn more about your lighting and electrical options, contact us today!

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