The Difference Between a Facilities Management System and a Facilities Management Plan 

Facility management is the process and discipline of optimizing a building for commercial success. The facility manager ensures that tenants are safe, comfortable, and that their building performs at its peak without them having to lift a finger. A joint effort from the manager and their maintenance team creates a functional facility that serves it’s tenants exceptionally every day. 


You know facility management is important, but how do you execute it in a way that reduces costs while improving building performance? That’s the question that your facility management plan should answer. A strong facility maintenance plan: 


  • Ensures continuity among maintenance departments
  • Outlines the maintenance needs of a building based on age, performance, installed systems, and plans for the future
  • Anticipates short-term and long-term maintenance needs
  • Offers a guide for every maintenance staff member on their role in the overall management of the building
  • Helps you plan, track, and maximize cost-reduction 


Your facility maintenance plan is important, but it is only theoretical. Your facility management system is the training and actions that yield results. You need to have a plan before you create a sustainable system. However, it’s not enough. Your system is what turns your building into an efficient, low-cost place for business. Your facility management system should:


  • Consist of a facilities management team with both management and maintenance staff participation
  • Provide training at every employee level
  • Adjust annually based on your results
  • Work seamlessly because it actually follows your plan
  • Include participation from your MaintenX specialists 


Work with your MaintenX team to create an actionable plan that yields results. We offer not only comprehensive emergency repairs, but work with our clients to create preventative maintenance plans that set you up for success. By scheduling preventative and restorative maintenance services, we can aid you in creating a facility maintenance system that actually works. 


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