The Importance of Proper Storm Drainage In Your Landscape Design

The summer season is fast approaching, which means that the rain isn’t far behind. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we experience heavy bouts of rain throughout the summer, which can cause unpredictable changes to the business. It can slow down sales, cause maintenance issues, and ruin beautiful landscaping easily. And, when the hurricane season starts in June, businesses must start prepping for the worst of the stormy season. 


We encourage comprehensive hurricane preparation at MaintenX. A part of this preparation is ensuring proper water drainage at your facility. Without well-maintained gutters, storm drains, and nearby swales, your facility could be in big trouble. 


Why Is Storm Drainage Important in Facility Maintenance?


During the rainy season, your landscaping and exterior of the building can be negatively affected without proper drainage. Clogged gutters will weigh down and put pressure on your roofing. A blocked drain will flood the surrounding area and cause damage to your landscaping and exterior walls. Without any drainage at all, you will likely experience mold and mildew damage in both the exterior and interior of your building. 


How To Design Better Storm Drainage 

You can implement a variety of design elements in your landscaping to ensure proper storm drainage at your facility. You should first schedule a gutter and drain cleaning for existing drainage spots to ensure you do not have any blockages or clogs that are causing damage. Next, look for areas where water tends to pool in storms. If there are low areas in your landscaping without drains, consider adding them or creating a swale. 


You should also treat any man-made structures for heavy rainfall in the summer. By installing waterproof roofing to older buildings or sealing outside surfaces, you can further protect your property from water damage. MaintenX offers these exterior maintenance services for an affordable price, so you never have to worry about water damage after a storm. 


To learn more about our emergency maintenance services and storm protection preventative care, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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