How To Help Protect Florida Wetlands At Your Commercial Facility

Florida’s wetlands are one of the most precious natural landscapes within the state. The mangrove swamps, marshes, and one-of-a-kind Everglades are responsible for a rich ecosystem that supplies residents with many benefits. Not only are these wildlife habitats incredible to visit, but they help to reduce carbon emissions, keep water sources clean, and reduce flooding on the mainlands. Without our wetlands, Florida would be a very different place. 


While the state has gone to great lengths to protect these lands, about half of the natural wetlands in Florida have been destroyed or altered permanently. This is largely due to commercial and residential real estate development. As the population grows, it slowly encroaches on the habitats that provide drinking water to the millions of permanent residents and visitors that Florida receives every year. 


Not only is this degradation of the wetlands detrimental to us, but it is slowly causing Florida’s native species to become endangered. Florida is home to dozens of threatened and endangered species. Most of these depend on the wetlands for habitat, food, or water access and are struggling to survive with the depleting habitat. If we are to save this landscape and protect its wildlife, then we must all act as a community to prevent further damage. 


Ways You Can Help

Businesses can do as much or more than individuals in the preservation of wetland habitats in Florida. Below are # ways you can contribute to wetland preservation in your daily operations: 


  • Treat your water properly – Much of the destruction of Florida’s wetlands is caused by water pollution. If the water is contaminated by man-made chemicals and pollution, it cannot sustain its complex wildlife ecosystem. By ensuring proper water disposal and treatment at your facility, you can help protect the greater environment around you.


  • Educate your employees and tenants – Impact starts at the individual level and grows upward. If your employees understand the impact of human development on the wetlands, they will be more motivated to act. By offering educational resources to tenants and staff in your building, you can yield greater results in recycling, carpooling, or other eco-friendly initiatives at your business. 


  • Donate – By donating to conservation projects, your business can make a direct impact on the preservation of precious wetlands. You can start a corporate fundraiser, or simply set aside some of your charitable giving funds for wetlands conservation programs. 


When we work together we can achieve great things. MaintenX is proud to be located in Florida, and we are dedicated to environmental sustainability in our services and programs. TO learn more about our eco-friendly maintenance options, contact us today!

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