The Most Common Electrical Emergencies for Businesses

Electrical work is something that scares most facility managers. It is a dangerous job, but one that your entire facility depends on in order to function properly for years on end. Without proper electrical maintenance, your facility is in big trouble when a power surge or outage occurs. 


Below are the four most common issues that occur with commercial electrical systems. If you want to avoid the operational problems that come with these maintenance issues, talk to your MaintenX team about preventative care for your electrical system: 


Mechanical wear and tear. 

Wires, insulation, and other mechanical parts of the electrical system are easily frayed and experience wear and tear throughout the years. If you own an older building, it is likely that your wiring could use some patching up. It’s important to keep up with monthly pest prevention to reduce the likelihood of chewed wires, as well as annual electrical inspections to ensure you’re up to code and your technician can detect issues before they become emergencies. 


Electrical surge. 

While electrical surges can happen due to downed power lines or extreme weather, they are more commonly caused by faulty wiring and appliance hookups. An occasional surge isn’t a big deal, but faulty electrical installations will damage your equipment over time. If you have an older building with faulty wiring, ask your MaintenX contractor about options for rewiring that will limit downtime. 


A lack of backup power. 

Backup power is arguably just as important as your electrical system for the continuity of your facility. Without a properly running standby generator or UPS system, you could find yourself in big trouble during a storm or local outage. If you haven’t invested in backup power for your business, talk to your MaintenX contractor about the best options for your building. And, if you do have one, be sure to schedule annual maintenance to ensure that when you need it, your backup power is in tip-top shape.


Failure to trip.

Circuit breakers are made to trip if they sense any sort of electrical problem. While this can be annoying when it happens, it will save our facility from electrical damage or worse, electrical fires. However, if you notice a humming or buzzing sound coming from your breaker box, this could indicate that this critical safety feature is not functioning properly. This is one of the more dangerous electrical issues that is unfortunately common in older commercial buildings, so be sure to get it checked out if you notice anything out of the norm. 


MaintenX offers comprehensive electrical maintenance services including emergency repairs, preventative care programs, and installation service. To learn more about how to properly care for your electrical system, contact us today.

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