The Most Common Roofing Issues for Businesses

If you’re lucky, you never have to experience roofing issues while owning or leasing a commercial building. If you do, you’ll soon realize just how much of a headache they can become when you’re not prepared. Roofing maintenance is much easier than roofing repair and replacement, so we recommend avoiding these common roofing mistakes at all costs. 


Below are the most common issues we see with our clients’ commercial roofing. If you are experiencing any of these issues or want to avoid them in the future, talk to your MaintenX team about proper preventative care for your roofing type: 


Poor installation

Improper installation is unfortunately one of the most common reasons that commercial roofing does not last to the full extent of its intended service life. If your roofing was installed without proper flashing, insulation, or simply does not look good aesthetically, it can have adverse effects on your facility as a whole. Ensure you avoid this mistake by hiring MaintenX professionals who specialize in commercial roofing only. 


Roof leaks

A roof leak often happens when damage to the shingles or flashing happen during a storm. However, left untreated this can cause major water intrusion, mold, and other health hazards within your facility in no time. Roof leaks can also happen due to poor installation, but luckily these can be fixed by a commercial roofing specialist. 


Gutter damage

Gutter damage not only makes it less welcoming for guests to walk into your facility when it rains, but it can put pressure on your roofing that will damage it over time. Gutters that are not cleaned in the spring will build up debris and cause your roof and flashing to sag. Avoiding this issue is easy with annual cleaning and maintenance, so be sure to schedule your gutter cleaning in the spring. 


Wrong roof type

A roof that is not properly suited for the building will need more maintenance than one that has been planned and installed properly. For example, if your facility is in a sunny location and is not made to resist UV rays and heating in the summer, you could be replacing it early. However, if your facility is on the coast and the roofing is not rated for hurricane-force winds, you’ll likely have much more damage than other buildings during a major hurricane season.


MaintenX helps businesses plan, install, maintain, and repair roofing for all types of industries and building types. To learn more about roofing maintenance and repair, give your local MaintenX a call today!

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