The Next Generation of Sustainable Plumbing

Plumbing systems are critical to commercial facility operations. They are responsible for much of the health, safety, and sanitization of your building. At a time when sanitization standards are most stringent, it’s important for businesses to invest in the maintenance of their plumbing system as a whole. 


If you’ve considered upgrading your plumbing to a more sustainable model, now is the time to do so. There are plenty of cost-saving technologies on the market that can help your building reduce its environmental impact. Not only will this make your facility a cleaner place to work, but it can result in long-term cost savings. 


What Is Sustainable Plumbing?

Sustainable plumbing is the implementation of plumbing installations and services that can serve a building for short- and long-term goals. These goals should not only include those of the business itself but larger environmental goals for resource conservation and protection of the local environment. To create a sustainable plumbing plan, your system should be: 


  • Healthy: Sustainable plumbing puts an emphasis on health standards both for the tenants of the building and the local environment. 
  • Energy-efficient: A sustainable plumbing system is energy-efficient to reduce the building’s environmental impact and reduce costs. 
  • Resource-efficient: Reduction in water usage is just as important as the reduction of electrical power. Technologies such as low-flow faucets and tankless water heaters are the first steps to drastically reducing your building’s water consumption.
  • Durable: A sustainable system must also outlast a traditional system with minimal repairs. By choosing appliances, fixtures, and equipment that is built to last, you can reduce the number of replacement parts your plumbing system will need over time. 
  • Cost-effective: In order to encourage businesses to switch, a truly sustainable plumbing system will reduce costs instead of increasing them. 


Steps Toward a Sustainable Future

Sustainable plumbing is all about reducing the need for resources while maintaining strict health and safety standards. Some of the ways in which our clients achieve these goals include: 


  • Installing Energy-STAR appliances and fixtures
  • Using waterless urinals and other appliances when possible 
  • Replacing insulation to reduce leaks and energy use for hot water
  • Treat wastewater properly and recycle when possible
  • Schedule preventative maintenance services to improve the efficiency of your plumbing
  • Installing solar or tankless hot water heaters
  • Smart irrigation systems for landscaping


There are many other ways to make your plumbing system as a whole more sustainable. To learn more about your facility’s specific options, contact us today!

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